Industrial Insulation

Board Products

board products

  • Easy to fabricate and install
  • Use on boilers, furnaces, ovens, dryers, ducts, furnaces, kilns and other mechanical equipment
  • Conserve energy, provide protection, prevent condensation and reduce noise
  • For applications from 0° F to 1,900° F

Industrial Felt
K-FAC® 19


  • Easy to cut and form to curved surfaces or irregular shapes
  • Use on tanks, large diameter pipes, furnaces, boilers, and other industrial applications
  • Available in labor-saving roll form*
  • For applications from 0° F to 1,800° F



Industrial Blanket

* Availability varies by product

Loose fiber products

Loose Fiber

  • Several grades of loose fiber for specific applications
  • Bulk wool for industrial insulation and as a raw material in ceiling tiles, mineral fiber board, refractory and other products
  • High-Performance Filler/Reinforcement Fiber improves strength and resistance in friction components, asphalt, caulks, plastics, adhesives and other products

Milled High-Performance Filler/Reinforcement Fiber
High-Performance Filler / Reinforcement Fiber
Bulk Wool
Cryogenic Wool