Product Literature

Commercial & Residential building insulation

SafingPaks fire stop insulation (1.90 mb)
VersaBoard multi-purpose insulation (2.0 mb)
Impasse curtain wall insulation system (600 kb)
Impasse® curtan wall insulation hangers (1.15 mb)
Impasse Spiral Anchors (3.00 mb)
No Backer Bar System Data Sheet (1.10 mb)
No Backer Bar Installation Guide | PDF (5.0 mb)
FireLedge Data Sheet (1.1 mb)
FireSpan curtain wall insulation (2.2 mb)
Safing Insulation (2.75 mb)
Mineral Wool vs Spray Foam Brochure | PDF (6.3 mb)
RainBarrier 45 insulation (1.75 mb)
RainBarrier HD insulation (1.0 mb)
RainBarrier insulation brochure | PDF (4.75 mb)
Rainbarrier Installation Guide | PDF (5.5 mb)
Rainbarrier Clip Data Sheet (1.4 mb)
SAFB™ (Sound Attenuation Fire Blankets) (3.0 mb)
TopStop head-of-wall insulation (1.0 mb)
FixtureShield Light Fixture Protection Kit (1.0 mb)
Thermafiber FSK & Aluminum Foil tape (1.65 mb)
Thermafiber Insulation Knives (1.0 mb)
NEW – UltraBatt Data Sheet (1.90 mb)
NEW – UltraBatt Fact Sheet (1.0 mb)
UltraBatt Formaldehyde-Free Data Sheet
UltraBatt Formaldehyde-Free Guide Specifications
Unitized Packaging Chart (85 kb)

Industrial/Mechanical insulation

Industrial Felt (780 kb)
Industrial Board (1.9 mb)
K-FAC® SR (1.6 mb)
K-FAC® 19 (1.6 mb)
Industrial Blanket (1.3 mb)
Metal Mesh Blanket (2.1 mb)
Bulk Wool (1.0 mb)
Milled High-Performance Filler/Reinforcement Fiber (1.5 mb)
High-Performance Filler / Reinforcement Fiber (600 kb)
Cryogenic Wool  (1.0 mb)
Industrial Product Packaging Chart (225 kb)

U.S. Coast Guard certificates

Granulated Certification Letter (21 kb)
Non-Combustible Material (IMO) (416 kb)
Structural Insulation (421 kb)

Other literature


Thermafiber Cornerstone brochure | PDF (2.65 mb)
Thermafiber Insolutions Case Study brochure | PDF (1.1 mb)
Thermafiber Commercial Product & Sweets® Catalog | PDF (1.0 mb)
SAFB Sound/Fire systems Catalog | PDF (2.6 mb)
Life Safety catalog (1.2 mb)
Fire Stop catalog (USG) (1.5 mb)
STC & Fire-Rated design catalog (USG©, 16 mb)
Industrial Products Brochure | PDF (5.5 mb)

Green information

LEED Credit Data Sheet (137 kb)
Recycled Content Data Sheet (104 kb)
R-Values Chart (1.0 mb)
Green recommendations (45 kb)

Health/Safety & MSDS Sheets

Health/safety facts for mineral wool (111 kb)
MSDS Sheets

Technical data/Inquiries

Bid submittal package (205 kb)
ASTM Standards & Compliance (75 kb)
Engineering judgment request form (1.5 mb)
Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) (136 kb)
ASTM E 119 Time Temperature Curve (190kb)
Thermafiber warranty (300 kb)
Thermafiber OPL/Intertek Listed Products (29 kb)
Thermafiber Certificate of Conformance (171 kb)
Thermafiber Certificate of Compliance (422 kb)
Literature request form
Product sample request form
Customer survey form

Technical articles & papers

Building Perimeter Fire Protection (57 kb)
Changes in Codes Saves Lives (25 kb)
High-rise Perimeter Protection Systems Reviewed (115 kb)
Substituting Products Is Recipe For Disaster (177 kb)
Perimeter Fire Containment The Basics (900 kb)
Online Firestop Inspection Training.pdf (160 kb)
Acoustical Insulation Density And Its Role In Acoustical Performance.pdf (860 kb)