CAD Drawings

curtainwallfinalrender2Thermafiber® provides detailed drawings of perimeter fire containment assemblies. These 2-D help to enhance bid accuracy, installation and other projects details. We can easily format these drawings for integration into other architectural plans. If you are interested in more detailed drawings for your current and upcoming projects, please contact our Insolutions® team at or 888-834-2371.


UL® Assemblies
System Number Hourly Rating Description CAD Drawing PDF file
CW-D-2005 3 hr Precast Concrete Panels with Safing CW-D-2005  CW-D-2005
CW-D-1004 2 hr Outboard Steel Back Pan CW-D-1004  CW-D-1004
CW-D-1013 2 hr No Backer Bar™ System CW-D-1013  CW-D-1013
CW-D-1014 2 hr 24″ Spandrel, No Backer Bar™ System CW-D-1014  CW-D-1014
CW-D-2006 2 hr Precast Concrete Panels with FireSpan® 90 CW-D-2006  CW-D-2006
CW-D-2039 2 hr T-Bar Mid Span CW-D-2039  CW-D-2039
CW-D-2056 2 hr Exterior Installation using I shaped mullions CW-D-2056  CW-D-2056
CW-S-0004 2 hr Steel Framed Exterior CW-S-0004  CW-S-0004
CW-S-1002 2 hr Steel Framed Exterior CW-S-1002  CW-S-1002
CW-S-2001 2 hr Standard Impaling Pin System CW-S-2001  CW-S-2001